Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Patch 1.9.22

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Patch 1.9.22

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Patch 1.9.22 für <strong>Euro Truck Simulator 2</strong>
Nicht für die Steam-Version.


<li>Brand new traffic AI system;</li>
<li>Oculus Rift support (with the -oculus launch option - this will be improved in the future), now also in the retail version;</li>
<li>Early support for gamepad-controlled mouse cursor;</li>
<li>Improved handling of automatic gearbox (more gears, interaction with cruise control);</li>
<li>Improved compatibility with semi-broken prefabs used in mods;</li>
<li>Improved error handling in radio playback;</li>
<li>Updated defaults for the Xbox 360 controller in the input wizard to provide a better initial experience.</li>


<li>Scania Streamline improvements (model, textures, paint jobs, new parts and accessories) - you may need visit truck dealer and re-purchase some parts;</li>
<li>Volvo FH16 improvements (interior, wipers, shadows);</li>
<li>Iveco Hi-way improvements (dashboard computer, shadows);</li>
<li>Paintjobs are properly applied on add-ons in interior views;</li>
<li>Map improvements.</li>


<li>V8 engine sounds for Scania R and Scania Streamline.</li>

Update history:

<li>Fixed crash with new Volvo in UK</li>

<li>All-new Scania Streamline truck model</li>

<li>Fixed crash on freight market when too many jobs were generated (mods only)</li>
<li>Fixed rare crash that sometimes happened with air horn usage</li>
<li>Fixed incorrect trailer placement when automatic parking was used in Trameri Warszaw</li>
<li>Fixed engine displacement volumes for Volvo and Iveco</li>


<li>All new Volvo FH and FH16 truck model</li>


<li>World of Trucks site launched</li>
<li>Photo Studio - includes Photo-mode and Screenshot Manager allowing upload of your best screenshots to World of Trucks</li>
<li>Online profiles - ability to connect your profile to your World of Trucks account</li>
<li>New Iveco Stralis Hi-Way sounds recorded from actual truck</li>
<li>Individual air-horn sounds</li>
<li>Realistic fuel consumption option</li>
<li>Adaptive automatic transmission option</li>
<li>Shorter jobs generation probability increased</li>
<li>License plate changes fixed</li>
<li>(1.6.1) Fixed crash when a truck uses addons from removed mods</li>
<li>(1.6.1) Increased length of input in UI related to World of Trucks accounts</li>

<li>Minimum requirement for Going East! DLC</li>

<li>Truck interiors appropriate for selected cabin type</li>
<li>Several new cars in the AI traffic</li>
<li>Lot of map tweaks especially in German/Poland area</li>

<li>Improved upgrade shop (addons and wheels handling, interiors) - you may encounter unexpected changes when shop is fixing your truck state</li>
<li>Fixed pedestrians disappearing</li>
<li>Fixed driver logs</li>
<li>Polished automatic gearbox logic</li>
<li>Consumption gauge and air pressure screen on Scania dashboard</li>
<li>Hazard warning made independent of blinkers</li>

<li>Steering sensitivity slider range increased (both directions)</li>
<li>Steering non-linearity properly used with mouse</li>
<li>Added rumble stripe sound check-box so that it's possible to switch it off</li>

<li>Improved resistance to some kinds of mod conflicts</li>
<li>Added g_prefab_replace command simplifying rename of prefabs.</li>
<li>Fixed issues with advisor after teleport.</li>
<li>Fixed several possible instabilities.</li>
<li>Fixed positioning of some company trailers.</li>

<li>License plate system corrections</li>
<li>Interior animation fixes</li>
<li>Fixes to several tuning parts acting incorrectly</li>
<li>Improvements in memory system for better stability under heavy load</li>
<li>Traffic lights system fixes</li>


<li>All new truck Iveco Stralis Hi-Way with tuning upgrades</li>
<li>Volvo: Fixed position of lights on the front grill, animations fixes, dashboard fixes, added oil indicator</li>
<li>DAF: fixed speed gauge display in UK trucks, fixed exhaust</li>
<li>Majestic: Fixed disappearing of the doorsteps</li>
<li>Renault: Fixed blinkers</li>
<li>Man: Fixed material issues</li>
<li>Fixed wrong lod on flat bed trailer</li>
<li>Overweight trailer: Fixed position of wheel and mudguards</li>
<li>Cistern trailer: Fixed position of wheel and mudguards</li>
<li>Log trailer: Added front white lights</li>
<li>Fix shadow casters for some upgrades</li>
<li>AI cars: the lamps are visible from greater distance at night</li>
<li>Fixed shader issues with auxilary lights for all trucks</li>

<li>Reworked force feedback feature</li>
<li>Engine torque simulation improvements. Idle throttle and clutch changes.</li>
<li>Many new physical properties added to the simulation model. All dashboard gauges are simulation based now</li>
<li>Vehicle telemetry information is available to third-party applications using a first version of</li>
<li>There is config variable in console "g_pedal_clutch_range", that can tweak clutch pedal active area length. Range is 0.1 to 1.0 (default value is 1.0)</li>
<li>Fuel consumption during engine idle fixed</li>

<li>Redesigned Job Market's job listing to be able scroll through all jobs</li>
<li>The speed limiter can be now disabled in Options screen.</li>
<li>Added Advisor warning messages related to retarder, parking brake and air pressure warnings are not shown when gear is set to neutral.</li>
<li>Added new optional control scheme where steering, accelerator and brakes can all be controlled by mouse</li>
<li>Ferry route length displayed in the job selection.</li>
<li>Loan installments are properly rounded up and displayed, improved timing of loan payments</li>
<li>Upgrade shop does not automatically discard everything with change of cabin/chassis. Only non-compatible accessories are removed</li>
<li>There is config variable in console "g_income_factor", that can lower job income of you and your drivers for more challenge. Range is 0.0 to 1.0 (default value is 1.0)</li>
<li>World map can be closed by same key that opens it (default key M)</li>

<li>Fixed navigation lines on UK variant roundabout</li>
<li>Hundreds map fixes, tweaking and prettyfications</li>
<li>A2 highway completed (as in real life 2 lane highway) including tollgates</li>
<li>New road leading south from Szczecin in Poland</li>
<li>Fix - added some no-weather areas placed under some bridges to avoid rain appearing there</li>
<li>Wrongly set border between France and Belgium fixed</li>
<li>Grass, terrains and rocks intersecting walls of some tunnels fixed</li>
<li>Tons of other minor map fixes</li>

<li>Prefabs tweaking (improved AI flow somewhat, major AI rewrite is coming later)</li>
<li>Less steep quarry prefab to lessen weaker engine trucks having problems when going uphill</li>
<li>New small tollgates in Poland on A2 road</li>
<li>Fixed animations of various pedestrians</li>

<li>Asynchronous loading smoothes speed of resource loading resources, reducing overall lag and "spikes" for more even framerate</li>
<li>It is possible to skip the intro animation using a -nointro parameter</li>
<li>Fixed garage name in player truck relocation UI</li>
<li>Rain probability in both corner values ensures infinite weather duration</li>
<li>Weather can change after time fast forward</li>
<li>The save slot selection is shown after profile selection if there was problem with automatic load</li>
<li>There is config variable in console "s_rumble_enabled", that can enable/disable sound of rumble stripes on the roads</li>
<li>Increased range of non-linerity slider in controller option screen</li>
<li>Fix potential crash related to recent Nvidia Optimus drivers changes</li>
<li>Added more job-start autosaves</li>
<li>Improved robustness to mod removals</li>
<li>Improved behavior of input wizard</li>
<li>Improved efficiency of memory pool usage</li>
<li>Renamed game.log and game.crash files to game.log.txt and game.crash.txt</li>
<li>Improved behavior of non-widescreen resolutions while driving</li>
<li>Experimental support for triple-monitors. Controlled by r_multimon_mode cvar (0-disabled, 1-wide fov with ui on central monitor, 2 - three separate views). In the three-view mode it is possible to compensate for bezels using r_multimon_border_fov_* cvars</li>
<li>The game will reset jobs whenever it detects certain changes in data</li>
<li>Added Georgian language to the game</li>

<li>Money sound played only on important events</li>
<li>Air brake sound fixed</li>

<li>Game will pause when Steam overlay appears</li>
<li>Steam notifications are positioned on the opposite side of the screen than Route Advisor</li>

<li>New sector based map format which supports simultaneous modifications by more than one user and local extensions as long they operate in separate sectors.</li>
<li>Many definition lists (e.g. types of AI trucks) can be now simultaneously extended by more than one mod.</li>
<li>As result of multiple changes it is now possible to have more than one reverse speed in modded trucks.</li>

<li>(1.3.1) several safety checks added to improve stability with unofficial game mods created for previous versions of the game</li>
<li>official licenses from Iveco and Volvo</li>
<li>ability to change the company name, logo or preferred brand</li>
<li>retarder (automatic or manual)</li>
<li>per-profile mod selection (can be overridden using -force_mods command line parameter)</li>
<li>support local currencies of each country in the game</li>
<li>gearbox accessory selection</li>
<li>new online radio stations (now up to 190 stations)</li>
<li>physics takes into account different weights for trailers and cargos</li>
<li>Renault Premium upgrades</li>
<li>Renault Magnum side-skirts are now an optional upgrade</li>
<li>hired driver log</li>
<li>hired drivers more likely to find suitable cargo on the way back</li>
<li>re-hired driver issue fixed</li>
<li>ferry fee is not charged to player for quick jobs</li>
<li>UK distances in GPS fixed</li>
<li>fixed memory leak when playing mp3 files using radio</li>
<li>improved handling of corrupted save files</li>
<li>improved resiliency to some types of corruptions caused by mod removal</li>
<li>fixed cabin blur during rain</li>
<li>over 200 map changes and fixes</li>
<li>several German roads thoroughly tweaked and prettyfied</li>
<li>bump causing damage on German A3 fixed</li>
<li>powerline columns in the middle of the road removed</li>
<li>gas station in Bremen</li>
<li>AI curves fixing on some prefabs</li>
<li>increased vertex buffer sizes to improve game stability with more detailed vehicle models</li>
<li>Product Key verification step added, only genuine keys in good standing accepted as of version 1.3+</li>

<li>DAF - added as new licensed truck brand</li>
<li>added command line parameter -nodx9ex which disables extended DX9 interfaces for compatibility with Xfire</li>
<li>support for Unicode characters</li>
<li>support for Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Bulgarian</li>
<li>enter your name in profile with non-ASCII characters</li>
<li>better automatic save/load system</li>
<li>fixes in registration plates for SK, NL, FR, I, S, BE, A</li>
<li>recreated lamps illumination of all trucks, trailers and AI vehicles</li>
<li>readjusted fatigue simulation</li>
<li>new gearboxes for each truck</li>
<li>adjusted steering</li>
<li>over two hundred individual map fixes and prettyfications, fixed weather areas, added new lamps to prefabs</li>
<li>several inaccessible roads removed from navigation system</li>
<li>bus added as AI vehicle in traffic</li>
<li>improvements of AI handling on prefabs - speed, acceleration, and braking</li>
<li>decreased Valiant dashboard brightness</li>
<li>route advisor's "running line" corrected</li>
<li>added extra tier to progress history - progress is shown up to level 150 now</li>
<li>skill screen doesn't pop up on level up anymore if there are no skill points available</li>
<li>rain probability slider added to Options</li>
<li>truck braking intensity slider added to Options</li>
<li>subtle improvements in HDR tonemapping</li>

<li>Improved handling of fatigue.</li>
<li>Stopping of advisor lines fixed.</li>
<li>Some potentially crashing issues fixed.</li>

<li>Hazard warning indicators are working with engine off.</li>
<li>Improved vehicle maneuverability.</li>
<li>Improved HDR tonality.</li>
<li>Cruise control disables on any action of the driver.</li>
<li>Fixed sunshafts missing with MLAA enabled in some situations.</li>
<li>Dynamic force feedback disabled when the game is paused.</li>
<li>Truck license plate management corrected.</li>
<li>Missing money in UK variant of "lite" Route Advisor fixed.</li>
<li>Wrong dashboard cruise control symbols corrected.</li>
<li>Wrong handling of double click on certain UI elements fixed.</li>
<li>Missing AI traffic on some low-end setups fixed.</li>
<li>Missing load/save screenshots for long profile names fixed.</li>
<li>Random trailer disappearing after truck upgrade fixed.</li>
<li>Missing navigation route after truck upgrade fixed.</li>
<li>Parking bonus is awarded correctly.</li>
<li>Total job distance computation corrected.</li>
<li>Fixed sound bursts of the environment-placed sounds.</li>
<li>Parking brake stick animation updated after setting value.</li>
<li>Map: signs tweaking, AI speed tweaking on some problem spots.</li>
<li>Fixed Majestic windshield wipers.</li>

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